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The dream

In 2004 I had a dream in that I was standing outside the French Gate Centre
looking towards West Laithe Gate, in Doncaster.

A group of women of African descent were at the front of a procession. Beautiful in red and black uniform, they were so wonderfully, and smartly dressed, in order and very happy. I believe they were singing. They stood out as excellent.

Then another group of African descendants, more joyfully and just as colourful, but in different colours. Then another group came behind them, but these people were like giants, all very tall, so colourful and singing, and dancing. As they came down the road I pondered in wonder and looked up to their faces to see if there was one white and I saw not one. They were singing songs as though they were in great victory and celebrating emancipation.. And I saw as they went that they overtook the smaller people and I saw one of the giants were pushing one at the front to one side, not roughly, but to in order to overtake them. The giants went to the front of the procession.

Shirley Howitt