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Its important we pray for the event.



Pray God will lay it on the hearts of who He wants there and give them grace and enthusiasm

Pray that there will be someone to help with children, keep an eye on them and angels to protect.
That they will really enjoy themselves and be safe in every way

Please pray for order on the day, God's order with freedom. Clarity, a good plan

Amplification work well and a great anointing and harmony

Pray that mockers and sceptics are kept away unless God wants to do a work in them.

Buskers or traders or fairground etc be amicable and not be a hindrance

Pray against false religion and control, that only the Holy Spirit ideas will come forth and succeed

Pray for all resources time and people to help
Pray for instruments and technicality and someone to help with that side of things

Pray against offense and division.
Seek the mind of the Lord when disagreements occur
Good communication
Pray for unity

Pray that the only conflict will be in the heavenly realms as we worship and praise our God,
to bring down anything that is not of Jesus.

Pray against violence, sickness, accidents and demonic activity. No one sueing us. No trouble with council or police

Pray that all obstacles be taken away. Clear vision, unanimous, well explained. Delegation clear

Pray for amazing weather

Pray that we will have so much joy and strength to do this. No tiredness or ill health

Bind up all plans of the enemy and human plans not of God! We agree God's perfect will shall be done!

No lashbacks afterwards!

Good communication and p
rovision made for those who get saved.


Right songs - no technical problems


Nationalities, denominations bonding well together. No division